Sunday, October 19, 2008

{Plus/Minus} +/- in TriNoma on November 7, 2008

Indie lovers rejoice!

New York-based indie electronic rock band, +/- {Plus/Minus} is slated to perform at the TriNoma Park on November 7 as part of their Philippine tour. This doubles as a homecoming for two of the band members who are of Filipino descent—James Baluyut and Patrick Ramos.

+/- {Plus/Minus} is a New York-based indie electronic rock band composed of James Baluyut and Patrick Ramos on vocals and guitars, and Chris Deaner on drums. The band plays songs with dynamic layers of dense guitar sounds and polyrhythmic percussive beats, infused with light poetic lyrics. Over the years, +/- {Plus/Minus} has had a strong and growing following, mainly in the indie pop and indie rock scene.

The band has released several albums and EPs in the US, Japan, and Taiwan. In 2002, they released "Self-Titled Long Playing Debut Album" under Teenbeat Records (, followed by "You Are Here" in 2003, and the EP "Holding Patterns". They also released the EP "As Seen on Television" under & Records (, a Japan-based distributor catering to many Japanese and international independent acts.

After joining Absolutely Kosher Records (, they released the epic "Let's Build A Fire", followed by several music videos for the songs in the album. Their video for the song "Steal The Blueprints", directed by Chris Deaner, won best video in the 7th Annual San Diego Asian American Film Festival.

In 2007, Teenbeat Records released the +/- Self-Titled Debut Digital Video Disc, containing 12 of their videos by various directors. The band is set to release their fourth album, "Xs On Your Eyes", on 21 October of this year.

+/- {Plus/Minus} has done tours in the US, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. Their first Manila tour is now all set, and will also be an excellent opportunity for the band to interact with their Filipino fans.

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